Tom Hogan – hat portrait


The artworks on this site are made from painted armature wire. My interest in this medium began whilst engaging participants in continuous-line drawing activities in workshops that I was running. An enjoyment in using ‘the wrong tool for the job’ and a fascination in attempting to evoke life and energy in such a base, industrially produced material have fostered this interest. Most of the sculptures originate from rapid observational drawings. They are simplified through a process of line selection. Just how simple they can become is key to the character and success of the work. I aim to suggest recognisable form rather than provide any kind of detailed visual description. Above all, I hope to convey a sense of energy and humour in the works. They are intended to be strange and busy things.

Pictorem Gallery, London, February 2017
The Poetry Society, London, June 2016
Lauderdale House, London, July 2014
Marcs Casas, Barcelona, June 2013
Newington Armory, Sydney, March 2009
Lemon street Gallery, Dublin, March 2008

The Play Space, London, November 2017
Ply Gallery, London, June 2017
Coventry Drawing Prize, Rugby school, March 2015
Richmix London, April, 2013
Candid Arts London, May, 2013
Truman Brewery, London, October 2012
Galeria Nova3, Sabadell, December 2013
Esther Montoriol, Barcelona, December 2012
Galeria Montcada, Barcelona, July 2010
Mosman Gallery, Sydney, June 2009
Bundanon House, NSW, February 2009

Stiwdio Maelor, Wales, October 2020
Casa Zia Lina, Elba, Italy, June 2015
Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, March-June 2008
Bundanon, NSW, February 2008
Centre d’art i natura, Catalunya, Feb-March 2005

Coventry School of Art 1996 – 1999
Faculdade de Belas Artes 1998
Universidade de Porto
Chelsea College of Art 1995 – 1996

I have previously received grants from The Milly Apthorp trust and The Karen Olsen trust to fund residential opportunities. I won the 2013 New Artist Fair artwork prize for my painting ‘Europark’.

I have had my work reproduced in El Periodico, The Dubliner, The Ham and High and The London Column, amongst others.